Residential Demolition in Dallas, TX

Tearing down a house to make way for your dream home? Getting rid of an unsightly garage? Dyn-O-Mite Demolition is your go-to contractor for residential demolition in Dallas, TX. We’re adept at tackling residential demolition projects of all sizes and scopes, to ensure your land is free of whatever structure you’re seeking to have removed.

Many demolition companies only offer commercial demolition service in Dallas, TX, because they lack the experience or versatility to handle the smaller projects. We’re not one of them. Instead, we take pride in delivering effective results in a residential setting—even in confined spaces.

Our crews understand that controlled demolition within a residential setting needs to be executed precisely. There are surrounding homes to consider, utility lines to avoid, property that needs to be protected and more. We take all of this into consideration to ensure the job is accomplished without any setbacks or additional costs. And, most of all, we always tout safety first and foremost.

Residential salvage

Looking to have something salvaged from your residential demolition project? We offer salvage services and can assist you in retaining everything from appliances to millwork before the demolition begins.

Not concerned about salvage? No problem! We’ll take these items away to our salvage lot, ensuring you no longer have to worry about handling or disposing of them.

Get residential demolition

No matter the residential structure, no matter the parameters of the job, Dyn-O-Mite Demolition is ready to handle your demolition project with swiftness and safety in mind. Get in touch with us today for more information about our full scope of capabilities. We can be reached at 214-398-6496 to discuss your project and a potential quote on service.